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What is Webpublished.com?


Introduction to Webpublished.com



Upload your source document

Edit your source document


Create New Source Box

Add the source to Source Box


- Add source from images
- Add source from Movies clip
- Add source from Document
  (MS Word, MS Powerpoint, PDF)

Deleting and Ordering


Editing of Image Selection (Part/All)


Revolving, Resizing, Image Cropping, Image division, Resizing Canvas, Watermarking

Edit respective image (Detailing )


Revolving, Text insertion, Vertical division, Horizontal division,
Resizing, Image Cropping, Resizing canvas or expanding canvas,
Merging images, EXIF Info view, Actual size view

Creating DBook

Editing DBook


Basic features


- DBook title & description
- Cover effect setting
- Flipping mode selection
- Skin selection
- Background color selection
- Advanced Features

Advanced Features


- Page size setting
- Zooming facility setting
- DBook display size setting

Publish your DBook in public gallery


Quota management


- Check your used quota
- Remove image from source folder
- Remove albums
- Requst for allocation on additional quota

Edit your DBook styles


- Put mosaic effect
- Lock zoom-in facility / Hide page label
- Edit contents
- Put memos
- Set flipping mode
- Set page shadow effect
- Skin selection
- Insert bulletin board
- Insert background music

Extra miles


- Publish and unpublish your DBook
- Introduce DBook by e-mail
- Download DBook
- Post your DBook to other BLOG and BBS

For advanced publisher

Put links on your DBook


To insert simple links

To enable full screen mode when launching DBook

To redirect to designated page when launching DBook

To put links using images


Troubleshooting for DBook links


If any in case DBook doesn’t fit to full size screen mode on Windows XP based computer

What if you want to disable scroll bars from your DBook


Membership and Editing membership details




Terms of Use

Privacy policy


Edit membership details


Change password

Forgot your password

your personal profile

Username look-up

Terminate membership


In case you can’t see albums in a normal manner

Checklists for your computer - How to configure your own PC settings to browse digital albums

Plug-ins & Utilities - For proper use of Albummania service, you should install pre-requisite components or they will be installed automatically on your computer