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Creae New Source Box

Put name on the Source Box and Add images to Source Box


1. After the login, please click the 'Authoring'.
2. Click on the 'Create DBook' button on the right hand side of 'My Source Box'.

3. Enter your desired name of your own in 'Source box name'. (This has nothing to do with the final name of DBook being created.)
4. Select 'Upload Image' tab of Uploading of source image section. (Default setting)
5. In order to import images stored in your computer, tick on 'from my computer'(Default setting)
(If you wish to retrieve images kept in Albummania server, choose 'from the server')
6. Once you click on 'Search file', you will be able to choose images to be uploaded into source box, and then click on 'Open' button.

7. If you click on 'Upload file' button, then you'll see the processing screen which shows thumbnail creating activity from images. (Depending on the sizes or the pages of uploading images, the time will vary.)

8. Now 'Create the source box' procedure is completed. (If you want more images to be added, please click on 'add' button and repeat the previous procedure.)

9. When you get back to 'Authoring' main page, you can finally witness the source box is created.