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Edit respective image

Selection of respective image to be edited


1. Please click 'edit' button under the wanted image to be edited in your source box.

2.Then you will see the editing screen which contains rich functions of image editing in your convenience as follows.





1. UNDO : This is a function to cancel the previous editing work.
2. REDO : This is a function to recover the undo work.




This is a function to rotate image clockwise or anti-clockwise by 90 degree.


Text insertion


1. Please click on starting point of the text insertion on the image.(Automatic input locating)
2. Insert the text which you determine to enter.
3. Choose the font type and size.
4. Choose font colour and background colour.(Bold, Italic, Underlined)
5. Then select the applicable format on preview window.
6. Click on 'insert texts' button.


Horizonal or Vertical division


It enables horizontal and vertical division of image.
(Divided image will cover one page respectively in source box)


Image resizing


1. Please enter desired size of the changeable iamge.
  (In case you select fixed rate between width and height, input either in width or in height will be adjusted automatically by the other factor in line with the same rate.)
2. Click on 'resizing' button.




1. Select the desired area of image which you want to take by dragging.
   (Grid information of location for upper right and lower right will be automatically applied for images to be cropped)
2. Click 'crop' button.


Canvas enlargement


1. Enter the canvas size to be changed.
2. Select the image location of the center of canvas enlargement.
3. In case of huge change in canvas, please select explicit background(canvas color).
4. Please click 'apply' button.


Merging images


1.Determine the images to be merged by clicking on 'search file' button.

2. Choose the location of images to be merged into original image by dragging. (Location and size will be entered automatically)
3. Set transparency of the image to be merged.
4. Please click on 'compose' button.



View EXIF information


Only when you use original images which are pictured by digital camera, you can check EXIF information if you like.
(In case of edited image, you might lose EXIF information)


View in actual size


It shows image as is in real size.


Saving of configuration/ Cancellation


Save : Please click on 'save' button when you complete editing. (Warning : Once it is saved with the specific configuration, it might not ensure 'undo' facility after it is saved.)
Cancellation : Just click when you are about to cancel image editing.