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Basic features for album creation

Album title and album description


Enter album title and album description of your own.
Meaningful input of album title and album description in detail can enhance search result by far.



Cover selection


Cover of the album will be revealed either when the album is published or when it is kept in the system.
Once you determine the desired image and click 'select' button right above of the image, then the designated image will be set as a cover of the album.

Selection of first image as an album cover


Selection of album view method


You can select one of the following pictures to determine the album view method. You can select either normal flipping method, view-per-page method or antique-document-view method.



Skin Selection


When the album is open, you can see the functional tool bar such as flipping forward/backward button or printing facility in the page. That is so-called 'skin' in general. The followings are supporting 4 types of skins according to the location of its tool bar such as top, bottom, left hand side or right hand side. Depeding on characteristics of the album, you can select the appropriate skin as desired.



Selection of background color


You can select the background color of the unfolded album image.
If you click on [background color selection] button, color table will be displayed in the following screen. Once you click on the desired color and confirm, the selected color will be displayed as background image.
Generally speaking, the white color or gray color(default setting) can present image very well in most cases of photo albums.