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Managing album link

Simple album link


1) Album link for published album in 'public gallery' of Albummania

First of all, send e-mail to yourself using 'album introduction' for album you want to put link. Copy HTML code under [DBook Link] in received e-mail and paste it to bulletin board, BLOG or website in your convenience.

(Sample HTML code for copy)
<a href=http://www.albummania.co.kr/gallery/view.asp?seq=1565&path=031114172215&oneto=n target=_blank> Album Title</a>

[applicable parameter for album link]

border 'n', 'y' : to enable or disable book border
cover 'n', 'y' : to enable or disable book cover effect
dpage 'n', 'y' : to enable or disable dual pages
extend 'n' : to determine whether to expand viewer or not, when zoomin in
fit 'n' : to determine whether to adjust viewer size in alignment with screen size or not
flip Integer : to set automatic page flipping
fscreen 'n', 'y', 'init' : to determine whether to display browser in full screen mode or not, when initiating album
iconview 'n' : to determine whether to display page flipping and scroll icon in viewer or not
onetwo 'n', 'y' : to determine whether to span one image into two pages or not
oturn 'n', 'y' : to determine whether to allow old-patterned page flipping method or not
Pagelabel 'n' : to determine whether to display page value in viewer or not
startpage Integer : to set the intial page when openning album
stext String : text search string
toolbar 'n','lt','rt','lb','rb' : to determine the display and location of toolbar in iframe.html
vturn 'n', 'y' : to determine whether to allow vertical flipping or not
zoombox 'n' : to determine whether to display zoom navigator box or not
zoomone 'n', 'y' : to determine to enable one-page-only zoom-in in dual page view

2) 2) Album link for downloaded album

First of all please download the album to your local PC in order to link it to the other site.
Once downloaded, uncompress zip file.

Click either default1.html,Startalbum.exe or iframe.html.
default1.html : default html for opening album(You should authentificate flash security in existing directory)
startalbum.exe : execution file to display local album in a full screen mode
iframe.html : to be used for iframe type link to web pages or bulletin board

(Sample link)
<a href=http://www.albummaniac.com/album/default1.html target=_blank>alubm title</a>


Full screen mode display


Digital album embeds full screen mode display function as soon as it is created.
Running StartAlbum.exe in an album folder in which the files are locally downloaded, then full screen will be displayed initiated by two program paragraphs below.
After you link the album to the website or upload your album to server where you want to store album, in order to enable the album to open in a full screen mode you can use javascript for that purpose.
sample use)

Open the album using the same method suggested above.


To set the designated start page of the album when it is launched


If you want to start an album from the designated page, you can use startpage=NN parameter as follows;.

1. tag to be added in 'default1.html'

2. tag to be added in 'iframe.html'
    <iframe src="iframe.html?startpage=12" width=400 height=100%></iframe>


Album link using images for link


We provide you with some images for link for your convenience below. Once you select the appropriate image size to be suitable for the location where you want to put in, you can apply link. If you apply these in order as follows, you will be able to put link using an intended image.

   1) Using introduction e-mail, receive album address for link.
   2) Choose one of following six images that you want to apply.
  3) Replace album cover link address in bold letters with image address chosen below.

<IMG src="http://www.albummaniac.com/fileRoot/AlbumManiac/k/아이디/DigitalAlbumRoot/040116150620/cover.jpg" border="0">

<IMG src="
http://img.dmook.co.kr/imgen/vwa/vwa_16550.gif " border="0">

Please make use of following image addresses.
Once you decide to use one of following images, copy and paste an image link address.

<img src="http://img.dmook.co.kr/imgen/vwa/vwa_16550.gif" border=0>

<img src="http://img.dmook.co.kr/imgen/vwa/vwa_14545.gif" border=0>

<img src="http://img.dmook.co.kr/imgen/vwa/vwa_12035.gif" border=0>

<img src="http://img.dmook.co.kr/imgen/vwa/vwa_140140.gif" border=0>

<img src="http://img.dmook.co.kr/imgen/vwa/vwa_100100.gif" border=0>

<img src="http://img.dmook.co.kr/imgen/vwa/vwa_5555.gif" border=0>


Troubleshooting for album link

To get rid of scroll bar in the ablum


Naturally if the bigger content is contained in web browser, the scroll bar is automatically generated.
In this occasion, if you insert the following program paragraph in html, the scroll bar will disappear.

   body {