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Internet users are now use to reading content online for free. Many news sites, have tried to make all or part of their content a revenue generator. But setbacks have been more frequent than successes and most of these sites have disappeared or have tried to find other sources of income to be able to keep their readership base, which represents often their only goodwill.

“" is designed for the content producers who need to expand awareness of their digital content on the Internet and capitalize on the value of that content. This content can be further enhanced and monetized by incorporating the use of’s XML and XSL technologies that transform plain digital assets into a rich digital media format at a fractional cost of standard publishing job.

The digital publishing market is relatively new with less than five years of history, but it nevertheless has enough maturity to have developed some interesting and important trends. Publishers are starting to realize that this isn’t simply a plug and play technology. It requires focus and attention for the initiative to be successful.

Our mission is to provide easy-to-use robust digital publishing tools for content producers to transform their content into an online format and build a marketplace to capitalize their online content globally.

Won Park founds Seoul, Korea-based KDMT, Inc. KDMT starts to provide Albummania, Web-based Digital Publishing service.

KDMT establishs Japan operation to provide Albummania Web-based Digital Publishing service in Japan.

Uplaton, Inc. had a joint-venture with KDMT, Inc. to provide, Web-based Self-Digital Publishing services in USA, Canada, and South America.

KDMT and Uplaton starts to provide, and, Web-based Self-publishing service to Magazine, Newspaper Publishers and Authors, Business Owners, and Courseware Authors who have valuable contents.

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PRODUCTS & SERVICES has a cutting edge software that is designed for publishers, business owners and courseware authors to capitalize on online digital publication market. Our web-based software allows for the conversion of standard print media into media rich interactive online content and also incorporates cutting edge presentation tools for an enhanced viewer experience. This technology allows for a unique convergence of print media and online advertising. No longer are advertisements static, as with traditional print media but using our’s CRM/RRM, publishers can collect highly targeted customer profiling reports based upon customer interaction.
ePublication Account is the ideal self-publishing product for magazine and newspaper publishers, and book authors who want to produce exact ‘digital replica (digital replication of current publication)’ collaborating with rich media generating tools. These tools include as follows;
  • - Digital Conversion Tools for designated devices which support Windows Mobile (Classis, Standard and Professional), Open Platform Symbian, Qualcomm Brew, Adobe Flash Lite 2.0 (PC, Mac, Mobile, PDA, IP TV, Chumby, Nintendo Wii)
  • - A Proprietary Image Extraction Technology that delivers High Quality Resolution Zoom-In Capability at the Ratio of 200% to 400% without slowing down the Transmission Speed.
  • - Embedding Tools: Audio, Video, Flash Link, E-mail, Hyperlink, HTML coding, Partial Zoom
  • - Search Functionality
  • - Content will be optimized for high ranking results on the top search engines.
  • - Downloading Functionality to download DBook (Digital Edition published by to your computer or allow Customers to download it. You can produce CD-Rom version of the downloaded DBook edition.
eCommerce Account is the ideal self-publishing product for business owners who has product items to make online product catalog or convert their existing catalog to digital replica collaborating with slide presentation authoring tool. This digital replicated electronic catalog has e-commerce shopping cart functionality which can accept order and payment process.
  • - eCommerce Account has same functionalities that ePublication Account has.
  • - A Shopping Cart function for E-Commerce Transactions
  • - Slide Presentation Authoring Tool (24 different Presentations)
eAuthoring Account is the ideal self-publishing product for courseware authors (teachers, instructors, educators, etc.) who want to develop online courseware. Courseware authors can create course material using MS Word, Power Point and PDF and DMook will make those course materials to online learning rich media content by collaborating with audio recording authoring tool, electronic pen drawing tool for teaching illustrations, slide presentation tools and automatic play functionality.
  • - eAuthoring Account has same functionalities that ePublication Account has.
  • - Slide Presentation Authoring Tool
  • - Audio Recording with Automatic Player
  • - Electronic Pen
Digital Archiving Service is for the corporations and governments that have archived historical publications. DMook provides special account to those customers. Please send us email to get more detail information.

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KDMT Web-based Digital Publishing Authoring Solution has been using more than 2,000 customers worldwide. Our customers range varies from media publishers, universities, world renowned car manufactures, e-commerce retailers and courseware developers.
Customer References who use our Solution (Partial list)
KIA MOTORS Disney The University of Tokyo

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